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point-of-view Mobii 721 Product information:
— screen size 7 inches
— 1024x600
— capacitive sensor
— multitouch display
— Android 4.2
— flash memory 8 Gb
— microSDHC
— Wi-Fi
— front and rear cameras
— weight 300 g
— id 13622

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The point-of-view Mobii 721 is a 7"-inch Android-tablet manufactured by point-of-view. Планшет 7 экран, 1 ядро, без 3G. Но! Идёт GTA VCity!! Стоит ли брать? Смотри обзор и узнаешь. Чётко, ясно и позитивно. Группа ВК, сравнения, тесты, обзоры -
Второй канал Техноконтроль (сравнения техники) -
Третий канал (мои обзоры фильмы ужасов) - Short review of a MOBII PROTAB 2 IPS 9.7" from POINT OF VIEW
The tablet is cheap feeling and heavy and came with a disappointing issue:
couldn't connect to the point of access if moved more than 3 steps away from it!
I ruled out an issue with my WIFI and installed the latest firmware as advised from POV,
but even them were unable to solve the issue, still unhappy I spent 1 day trying any possible WIFI configuration till exhaustion.....
in conclusion there was some device glitch......that in a price-tag of 235 Euro start to be unacceptable.
This device went back and for the same price I've got a SAMSUNG GT-P3110; just before smashing the tablet into one million pieces.Распаковка Point of View Mobii 720
Подробнее: Hier der Link f?r das Update:

genaue Infos zum Tablet hier:

unsere website: At CeBIT 2011 Point of View was one of the few manufacturer presenting a new Tablet based on the NVIDIA Tegra 2 platfrom, but also thei had a very entry level model with Rock 2818 ARM 600 MHz processor.
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