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sony Xperia Tablet S 16Gb Product information:
— screen size 9.4 inches
— 1280x800
— capacitive sensor
— multitouch display
— Android 4.1
— flash memory 16 Gb
— Wi-Fi
— Bluetooth
— gyroscope
— front and rear cameras
— weight 570 g
— id 16751

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The sony Xperia Tablet S 16Gb is a 9.4"-inch Android-tablet manufactured by sony. - группа в ВК
- интернет-магазин компьютерной техники и аксессуаров
Без 3G: 16гб - от 15000р. 32гб - от 20000р.
С 3G: 16гб - от 20000р. 32гб - от 24000р.Lisa Gade reviews the Sony Xperia Tablet S Android tablet. This is Sony's second gen Android Tablet with a 9.4" TruBlack 1280 x 800 display, 1.4GHz quad core Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU with GeForce graphics and an IR blaster AV remote. It has an 8MP rear camera, 1MP front camera, a full size SD card slot, Bluetooth 3.0 and a dual band GPS. It weighs 1.26 lbs. and is slimmer than the original Tablet S. Read our full written review at .Подробный обзор:
Цена и наличие:
16 ГБ:
16 ГБ 3G:
64 ГБ 3G:
Видеообзор планшета Sony Xperia Tablet S.This is the unboxing and overview of the Sony Xperia Tablet S (16GB, Wi-Fi). Enjoy!
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Here's an Xperia Tablet S 9.4-inch Tablet PC, made by SONY, Model: Xperia Tablet S. Check out the video for more info!
SONY Xperia Tablet S 9.4-inch 16GB Tablet PC
SONY Xperia Tablet S 9.4-inch 32GB Tablet PC
SONY Xperia Tablet S 9.4-inch 64GB Tablet PC

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